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ADIDAS GK Tight underpant (Z11476)




ADIDAS GK Tight underpant (Z11476)

Stand on the last line of defense in football these past leggings for men. Flexible leggings made from draining the moisture dry material CLIMALITE® provide comfort. They are equipped with padding in strategic locations, which allows more confident to defend the goal. Leggings with moisture-wicking lining for the goalkeeper. CLIMALITE® fabric absorbs sweat from the skin surface. the German company produces shoes and sportswear, established in 1924. Dassler brothers. Makes its debut at the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936. footwear providing both the German and American national team. In 1948. the company was split into two companies Adidas and Puma. The name "Adidas" comes from the diminutive of the name "Adi" and the first three letters of the name "Das" founder – Adolf Dassler. Since 1972 is a trademark of

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