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Joma Maxima 701 Sala Men’s Indoor Shoes M



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Joma Maxima 701 Sala Men’s Indoor Shoes M

Indoor shoes Joma Maxima 701 Room M Features: shoes intended for playing on the hall 360 technology consisting in fitting all parts of the shoe to the shape of the foot Flexo grooves in the outer sole to ensure adequate flexibility of the shoe areas exposed to abrasion reinforced with Durabilidad technology specially shaped Protection sole for stabilization on the inside of the shoe Rotation is a component of the back support and highly rotational movements additional reinforcement. Shoot inside the shoe to increase the material's resistance special Maxima flexion design increasing the elasticity of footwear and comfort of use STABILIS system, a light PVC insert placed in the sole, which makes the sole better to support the ground outsole with non marking system that leaves no marks additionally pierced the toe of the shoe for g

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